venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Mummy, what’s a babyfish?

Sono le illustrazioni con cui partecipo quest'anno al concorso di Bologna. Il testo da cui nascono è di Arianna Sangiovanni.

Well, baby fish are tiny souls,
born deep beneath the seas.

They’re strange and shy and can’t be tamed -
they do just what they please.

They love the rhythm of the waves,
and gentle music too -
they like to dance and flutter in
the silence of the blue.

But then, one day, your baby fish
will look at you and smile,
a smile that makes you glow all warm
and fuzzy for a while.

This sound will make your heart lie still.
You’ll know at once it’s true
that deep in every one of us,
a baby dreams the blue.

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